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About Us

Open Clothes Originals is a collection created and curated by artist and DJ, Diane Farris, hi! I was a tattoo artist for 25 years, and was educated as a printmaker. My passion is working in natural pigments, dyes and designs, on fabric and paper.  You’ll see that some of my collections are inspired by places I have visited and loved, I’ve had that travel bug for years! I grew up a metalhead and a punk, so there are edgy, rebellious designs mixed with pieces I feel are spacious, relaxed and beautiful. Somehow I live between the two psyches successfully! I utilize new and upcycled materials and am always experimenting. All of the textile designs on this site (shirts, scarves, leggings) are one of a kind, unique pieces that will never be able to be repeated again because of their hand painted, printed and dyed nature. I love fabric, the deliciousness of softness and drape, and every scarf I make is from a material that I have first tried on my own neck – how many of us have bought scarves that we loved the color or design, only to wear it a couple of times and experience discomfort? No no NO! I am all about being original, and having YOUR uniqueness come through when you are wearing one of my pieces. On this site I also offer a variety of accessories that express my love of fun, fancy, whimsical and creative items. Get in touch for custom pieces, check the calendar for pop ups and shows, and always ask questions if you have them! For more photos and in progress images, go to my IG: openclothesoriginals, for dialogue, see

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Saturday, June 16th  – 9AM – 3PM – Strawberry Fest – Stanhope United Methodist Church, #2 Route 183, Netcong NJ


In addition to the above, I have been a DJ on WFMU in Jersey City, NJ for over 30 years. Here’s a link to my playlists as well as my YouTube videos of interviews I’ve done along the way. Hand in hand with art, I believe that music is equally as important a form of true self expression. I’ve been lucky enough to have an audience, and to introduce people to music that may move them as much as it moves me! None of us get out of here alive, and I say, be yourself all the way, we are ALL unique~  or Diane Farris on YouTube